Our family has been through what can only be described as a real estate odyssey in the last few years, and we cannot thank Jon Christopher and his team at Christopher Real Estate Services enough for guiding us home. Many realtors can provide a positive purchase experience when things are straightforward; it takes an exceptional professional with an outstanding commitment to service to handle the most complex and difficult situations, and unfortunately our journey home has been the latter. We looked at many potential options and Jon walked us through each one, answering all of our questions and providing thoughtful, helpful feedback. Thanks to Jon’s unparalleled knowledge of both the real estate market and quality construction, we were able to avoid two potentially disastrous home purchases. We ultimately settled on building a new home in early spring of 2017, with a projected settlement in late summer 2017, shortly after the birth of our twins. However, the construction process proved to be fraught with extensive delays and setbacks that lasted over a year, which resulted in a great deal of stress for our family. Through it all, Jon was our constant advocate and advisor, adhering to the highest standards of practice and promoting ongoing, transparent communication despite a lack of reciprocation from other professionals involved in our process.

While we waited for our home to be built, Jon also represented us in the sale of our former home. His professionalism, dedication, and deep analysis of the market and trends allowed us to sell our home at our asking price in less than two weeks. The sale was a seamless, stress-free process thanks to Jon, Mary, and the team at Christopher Real Estate Services.

Although we finally settled and moved into our long awaited home in August 2018, our journey is not quite finished, as we wait for the completion of several items. Even though our purchase is completed, Jon continues to be a resource and support for our family, checking in for updates on progress, to see how we are doing, and graciously answering our questions. Simply put, Jon Christopher is the embodiment of all that is good in the field of real estate (and humanity at large, for that matter), and he and his team have been the sole bright spot in an otherwise nightmarish process. If you are looking for the best, look no further.