My wife and I are grateful to Jon Christopher for helping us find and buy our new home, especially during the crazy seller’s market of 2021. We could not have done it without him, and I’d say we were very lucky to get 90% of what we wanted, which took us hundreds of houses searched online, at least 8 viewings, and 4 offers before we were successful. Upon reflection, however, our “luck” was like the time Harry Potter pretended to give Ron Weasley the Felix Felicis potion before the big Quidditch match. Jon’s skills and talents as real estate professional brought us the “luck.”

We looked into several real estate brokers and saw that Jon was highly rated on Yelp. Delving deeper, we liked his website information, professional experience, and “clients first” business philosophy. We made a good connection during our first conversation by phone, which led to high expectations from the start. Now that we’ve completed a 4-month journey with Jon, I am reminded of when Yogi Berra was asked by a reporter, “Did Mattingly exceed expectations this year?” and Yogi replied, “I’d say he did more than that!”

My wife and I can’t say enough good things about Jon, and we’ve devised a list the Top 5 most important of his traits as a broker to have on your side when looking to buy a home.

#1) When viewing a property with Jon, it is like having a professional home inspector with you! He notices and knows every detail, and he is glad to share what he sees and teach what he knows.

#2) He LOVES what he does! I’ve rarely met anyone with as much professional enthusiasm as Jon has, and he ENJOYS looking at houses. He takes note of interesting designs and features for his own curiosity and benefit.

#3) Jon is very personable and actually follows his business philosophy to put the CLIENTS FIRST! He did not steer us to overly high-priced houses or suggest for us to offer more than our comfort level. He knew us, our needs, our likes and dislikes, neighborhoods, schools, fair market values, and everything else to do with homes and real estate.

#4) Despite his years of experience, Jon was not set in his ways, and he adapted as we went along in this atypical market. Each offer we made was better than the previous one, until we got the best house for us among the bunch!

#5) Jon provides full service from start-to-finish! He devised a highly refined process, connected with agents, recommended mortgage brokers, home inspectors, led a professional staff in his office, maintained an online checklist, advised about home insurance, provided title insurance, and conducted settlement services.