After trying to sell my multi use warehouse property for a few years, I had been contacted by multiple realtors to help me but none seemed to connect with my intentions for this unique property and the long term efforts I had already invested into it. Jon approached me, unsolicited, and after meeting with he and his associate, Mary, I was surprisingly impressed and he got to work. He came with a working background of construction, a successful realtor business and confidence that it would be done in 6 months. Many potential buyers came through but he allowed me the time and space to be selective as I had invested my entire life’s accumulated assets into this property to bring it back from the brink of failure. There were obstacles and concerns, it wasn’t smooth as I had to close a business, dismantle it, empty the 12,000 square foot building and in the process, I broke a leg. But true to his word and his energetic work along with Mary’s consistent and determined optimism, the deal happened and I was able to retire and move on. He will never tell you something that isn’t true and he will come to the table with a substantial working knowledge of the law and process. I highly recommend using this company to buy a house or sell a house.