Buying a house can be tremendously scary, but if you have Jon Christopher as your realtor, all of those fears can be put to rest.  I started looking at houses online, randomly contacting a realtor or two for some viewings, and going to open houses.  Every other realtor that I met tried to be very pushy, and made me feel like they were just trying to get me into a house ASAP, just to get their cut.  I was introduced to Jon because I had a deal in place with an individual who wanted to sell without a realtor, and I was nervous that I was going into that situation without full knowledge.  The very first time I spoke with Jon, he helped me assess my current situation, and I decided to not purchase the original house.  I then met with Jon in person a few days later, and he got to know me before even bringing up any house information.  We went over what I was looking for, what my current timeframe was, and many other aspects.  He was honest upfront that finding the perfect house can be a lot of hard work.  From the online searches that Jon set up, we stayed in touch and I kept browsing to find the perfect house.  From every place that we visited, Jon was able to use his expertise and experience to give me honest assessments on everything.  When you’re viewing a house on your own, you may simply look at the rooms, amenities, and locations.  However, Jon pays fine attention to detail and points out all the small nuances that you wouldn’t think to check.  Just because a house looks shiny and new, doesn’t mean that it is, and Jon works to point out both the strengths and flaws of every property.

Once you find the perfect home, and you’re ready to make an offer, Jon turns the dial up even further, and acts quickly and efficiently.  Through networking, Jon knows a lot of good individuals in other fields to assist you in the process.  Jon won’t recommend someone that he doesn’t trust himself, so anyone else that you work with through Jon will give you the same sense of security.  Jon is always available, and keeps you as up-to-date on the process as possible.  When it came closer to settlement for myself personally, there was a slight snafu with something by the mortgage company.  As it got closer and closer to settlement, Jon never sugarcoated anything, and always had backup plans, should anything have happened.  Fortunately for myself, we were able to get everything aligned, and settlement went through as planned.  During the settlement process (as well as the entire process), Jon goes through everything thoroughly and clearly.

No matter what, Jon was always available whenever I had questions, concerns, or just wanted his opinion on properties that may have popped up online.  Even after moving into my new house, Jon has made himself always available for questions that come up as a first-time homeowner.  Jon truly cares about all of his clients, and wants what is best for them, not for himself.  Not only is Jon an amazing realtor, he’s just a truly great person.  There is no doubt in my mind that without Jon as my realtor, I wouldn’t be in the amazing home that I am in right now.