Jon was my third realtor in my home search, and the third time was finally the charm. Jon was confident that he would be able to find us a house that fit what we were looking for. We are a young professional family that had a specific location, price range, property tax level, age of home, etc in mind. I can safely say that we did not have to “settle” or compromise. We got what we were looking for. I trusted Jon for his knowledge in the process, which ranges from judging a home for potential problems all the way to when you are signing the contract. He has it covered from A to Z. He is patient and kind. He is responsive. He will fight for you. We got into a competitive bid situation, and Jon said he does not get into one unless he was going to win. And win he did. I highly recommend Jon, Dave and the other members of his team. We are thankful for all they have done for us.