I met Jon minutes before I was about to go to Loew’s and spend thousands of dollars in order to stage and refurbish our family home of 60 years for sale.  He was literally a last-minute recommendation to me after having met with 4 realtors.Jon stood out because he and his associate Madeline listened patiently to me as I walked them through the house. I outlined to them how I was going to rip down this and change out that to hopefully raise the sale price. Before I could finish he stopped me and said, “PLEASE, don’t do a thing and just let me put it on the market and I will have the house sold within 10 days”. That philosophy and confidence were rooted in Jon’s years of experience in flipping and selling houses. I immediately called up my stager and canceled our appointment. She was not happy, but Jon convinced me it was the thing to do and he was correct!  We agreed on a fair listing price, Madeline arranged the marketing strategy and the first day on the market (ten days later) it sold for above asking.  Then a week later Covid-19 happened. Jon’s many years in the Real Estate business and network of connections were paramount in navigating through the final weeks of negotiations. The complications of 4 sellers in 2 cities unable to attend a closing was no problem for his team.  He kept us in the loop every step of the way and on the day of the closing went in with mask and gloves and signed all of the paperwork bringing our family home safely to closing without a delay. Jon and Madeline, we cannot thank you enough!!!