Chris and I couldn’t ask for a better person to work with on the purchase of our new home together!! The moment we met Jon, we knew we were in great hands. This of course was the biggest purchase my fiance and I have ever had, so it was a bit intimidating. I can assure you Jon has a way of making home-buying a really great experience! He was there by our side through the whole process, making sure we understood every detail and he was sure to answer every question no matter how big or small! The wealth of knowledge than Jon has about the areas we were looking in, the home itself, the whole process and all of the things that we needed to consider were just so incredible. Jon kept us up to date on every detail and always responded in a timely manner. He didn’t miss a thing! I will say, the process of buying a home for us was over the holidays so it was stressful. Also, my fiance and I lost two of our immediate family members.. it was very difficult time for us. Jon was most of all so genuine, he was sympathetic and so understanding. We are so grateful he had so much patience with us and our schedule. We can’t thank him enough for all he has done. Not only did he help us purchase our first home, he worked with my fiances’ sister for her first home! Now it’s time for him to help us sell his parents house ! Jon – you’re family now 🙂 Thank you!!!