About Us

Christopher Real Estate Services is something new. The core of our business is Real Estate sales and that isn’t new by any means, but what is new is how we do business and how we view the business of Real Estate. We are licensed Pennsylvania Real Estate Agents and Realtors. We represent home buyers, sellers and manage property, however it is our business philosophy that sets us apart.

Do Independent Real Estate Brokerages provide better service? We think so!

We believe in representing the best interests of our clients first and foremost. We don’t focus on sales quantity, we focus on quality. We promote an atmosphere of client focused service and satisfaction, not sales volume. The internet has created a level playing field in Real Estate. Independent real estate brokerages can thrive because our exposure can be the same as a franchise or corporate brokerage. Our listings get the same market exposure that even the world’s largest brokerages can provide. The key to a successful home sale or purchase has always been the quality of the real estate agent.

Ethical, Honest, Professional… Truly new ideas in Real Estate.

Christopher Real Estate Services is made up of a select group of pre-screened Real Estate Agents and Realtors. Any agent or broker associated with our company has vowed to abide by our philosophy and provide only the very best services to our clients. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and that is in writing. Our goal and business model does not allow just any agent with a pulse and a Real Estate License to join our brokerage. We choose only the best real estate professionals for our team.

Brokerages get paid by getting a share of the commission that an agent brings in from a sale. Some brokers take big chunks of a real estate agent’s commission to cover franchise and other corporate fees. We feel that this can create a situation where an agent is focused more on making money and less on representing clients to the best of his or her ability. We provide our agents with a very fair commission split, therefore our agents can focus on client service. We keep our overhead low by eliminating the expensive office trappings that are no longer needed or useful in the new digital world. We let our agents keep more of their commission so we can attract those agents who will provide the best service for our clients.

A real estate agent’s best advertising is happy clients and word of mouth. The better we do for you, the more our business will thrive. Christopher Real Estate Services is a business and we do have to make money, but we will not make money by sacrificing our ideals or our clients’ best interests.

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